Sep 28, 2016

Top 9 Ways For Finding New Customers Online to Startup [Infographics]

Your content creation efforts mean nothing if you aren’t generating qualified leads or reeling in consistent business. You must work to build your digital sphere of influence. First things first, find ways to engage with potential customers, and offer them something of value in return. Remember, when trying to connect with new leads, never be invasive. Respect quiet time, and only fire out qualified offers, announcements, or information.

You can try these different ways to your business. These methods are tried and true digital marketing Methods.  Most of the marketers didn’t follow all methods.  Some rare marketers who try them all methods for growing their lead list.  You are also that type of marketers. Why?

The Top 9 Tactics for Finding New Customers Online

This infographic divided by these three major fields:
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Blogging

Social Media

Private Message: There is a mind-boggling way in one on one conversions.Connect with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ fans through private messages and send your offer and latest deal promotion.

Group and Communities Discussions: Join Google+ Communities, Facebook and LinkedIn group to your industry. Make relationships with group members and convey your products with them and recommend your product.

Pay Per Click Ads: On the off chance that you have an active social presence, you can consider attempting pay-per-click advertising. Facebook Adwords offers a powerful and targeted solution with the capacity to target based on age, sexual orientation, location, and different interests.

For more marketing ideas and strategist take a look this infographic, which comes courtesy of FindNewCustomers.
9 Ways For Finding New Customers Online

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Sep 24, 2016

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools 2016 [Updated]

One of the important things for your blog and website is the sitemap. Most of us don’t know about this especially new bloggers so I explain this, the sitemap is a bundle of your whole website's URLs. You must submit a sitemap to search engines.
Sitemap helps the search engines to fast index your post and pages. You will increase organic traffic (visits from Search engines) and Google ranking quickly after submitting your sitemap to Search Engines. Many bloggers want to generate organic traffic to increasing Google PR of their blog.
Most of all new bloggers use for blogging even I also used blogger, but some bloggers don't know that how to submit blogger sitemap to search engines. So I preferred the way to submit your sitemap to search engines if you want to increase your ranking and traffic on Google, so you need to submit Blogspot sitemap to google webmaster tools.
Google webmaster is one of the best SEO tools for the webmaster of blogs and website. You can check indexing status and optimize visibility and helps alert you about issues of your blog. Webmaster tool prof very impactful for your site.
You must submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tool so follow these instructions -

How to Submit Blogspot Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Fist sign-in to your blogger  account
  • Choose Setting menu and click Search Preferences

  • Click Google Search Console by using same email ID so Google will automatically verify your blog on GWT.
In case,  your blog does not verify on webmaster tool or you are using different email ID to blogger then following these steps:
  • Copy the entire code
  • Login your blogger account, click to SETTING then select the Search Preferences menu.
  • Enable the custom roobts.txt content and paste the code then click Save Changes.
  • Login webmaster tool, Enter your blog URL and click Add.

  • Now you can see your dashboard and click on Sitemaps section.
  • And then you click on Add/Test Sitemap button and paste your XML sitemap URL in the text field. (Do not add your site in this code)
  • Now you hit Submit Sitemap button.
  • After that click on refresh the page link.
That’s all; you have successfully submitted your blogger sitemap. But this sitemap is only for 500 posts if you have more than 500 posts, so you need to change the value of max-result like 1000.
I hope that this article is helpful for Blogspot blogger. Your blog will boost our organic traffic and page rank by submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google webmaster tools. It is important to behalf of SEO. Thank you for visiting DigiEpic. If you have any question related webmaster so comment below, I will respond you soon. If you love this content, then share with your friends.

Sep 11, 2016

How to Upload and Install Blogger Template 2016

Blogger is one of the popular blogging platforms which powered by Google that has hassle-free blogging platform to their blogger for free. You do not spend any cost to buy expensive hosting servers to start a new blog.

Having Blogger, all you have to do is to register to with your Google account, and also you are good to create your blog. However, every blog requires a trendy, professional and top quality design that not just appeals to visitors, but also Search engines.

Blogger only supports XML web themes. You can establish or upload your personal template, or you will find many websites available of which offer FREE XML Templates just like Templateism. Today in the following paragraphs, we will reveal How to upload or Install Template in Blogger.

Find a Trendy & Professional Blogger Template?

First and foremost, you will need to choose the best template for your blog that not just looks better and also pre-optimized regarding Search engines.

How to upload or Install Template in Blogger? [Step by Step Guide]

Which template that you have downloaded, make sure it's in .xml format. If the downloaded template was in .zip format, then you will need to extract it by using WinRAR, or you have. It will extract your template and which should be in .xml format.

1. Now open your browser, go to and log in your blogger account.

2. On the dashboard, you will see a down arrow so please click the arrow, You will see a drop down list and click the template menu in the list.

3, On top right corner of the screen, you will see backup/restore option. Seen the below screenshot.

4. After clicking on backup/restore.  Click "Choose File" button, select the template you want to upload on your blog and Open it.

5. When everything is completed, You Template has uploaded on your blog

How to Backup Your Blogger Template?

If You want to backup your current template so just follow these below steps:

1. In template menu, please click on Backup/Restore option.

2. A popup window will be appearing and click on Download Full Template. Your template backup will download on your PC.

How To Customize your Blogger Templates?

1. Click on Template menu, see two options customize and edit HTML.
2. You have HTML and CSS knowledge so click edit HTML and most of the people are not tech gig and do not have coding experience so that will select Customize option.

I use to edit HTML menu because I can customize your current template based on your desired. I wish that this tutorial may help you that you find ways to install a blogger template if you have any problem with the uploading template then your template is broken. Share your ideas and feedback about this article.

Aug 31, 2016

5 Best Quality Backlink Strategy To Get 1000+ Daily Visits

SEO is the important factor for your blogs and websites. If you are want to start a blog, so you must know about SEO. There is three main factor of SEO for changing your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)-
1. Content is King
2. Ideal Meta Tags
3. Quality Backlinks

The backlink is one of the important factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I think all bloggers want to build quality backlinks for changing their search engine ranking. But new blogger does not about link building, and they are mistakenly created poor quality links. 

Today I will share five real ways to built quality backlinks for the blog fast. If your blog has good quality backlinks, so Google and other search engine attract your blog, and your keywords will reach their best positions, then you will get lots of organic traffic. 

Will improve your blog PR and Alexa rank because these both depend on quality backlinks. Main thinks are that if you want to increase backlink of your blog so read these real quality backlink techniques.

#Tip 1. Blog Commenting is best

Blog Commenting is the most popular way to create quality backlinks. It's so simple you are commenting on other sites. Many bloggers don't know about this technique, and many bloggers know about this, but they don’t know to the way to comment in right blogs to boost backlinks and PR.

Most of the bloggers don't comment on the right blog which they got profit. You always remember that comments only high PR and Good DA &PA blogs. You can check DA and PA from MozBar. But Be sure that you don't post spam comments on other blogs because it will harm your blog and drop your search engine ranking.

I suggest that you publish ten comments daily on high PR sites and weekly check your backlink that your blogs backlinks have increased or not.

#Tip 2. Guest Posting

If you want to get real 100% pure backlinks, so guest posting is the excellent choice for your blog. It is another best method to create backlinks for your blogs.

Many Bloggers know about guest posting but don't use it because many bloggers do not publish their post on other sites. This is quite difficult to write a post for another blog, but it's profitable to both blog owner and author.

Blog’s owner will get free niche content article, and author will get the free do-follow backlinks on high PR blog, you always remember that when you are submitting your guest post in guest posting blog, you must add your blog link in the article and author bio. 

We have written down some blogs which accept guest posting-

#Tip 3. Use Social Media Sites

Social Media is the most important and easy way to drive massive traffic to your blog, and you will also get high-quality backlinks from social media sites. Social media has placed in the first position in , and I think that today’s almost everyone in the plant uses social media sites. 

You will use these sites to share your awesome blog posts and generate traffic and quality backlinks. You must create your official facebook, twitter, and Google plus page and share you all blog post with your pages and you can also share group and communities that you have already joined. 

You will add social media button on your blog and add social sharing button on your blog posts that your visitor directly shares your post. You should increase your facebook likes and twitter follower so you will find related topic post in my blog.

Here are some most popular and biggest active users social media sites-
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Also, see it
  • StubleUpone
  • Delicious
  • Reddit

#Tip 4: Directory Submission

Directory submission is very old and popular method to get the backlinks for your blog. You will use free blog directory. Many free blog directories are available on the internet. You must submit your blog in these directories. 

Some blog directories ask to submit referral link of your blog and place gave code on that page. Free blog directories take a time to approve your submission and after approval, your blog will get free backlink

Note: You only use High PR blog directories and don't submit many times same link on the same directory site.

#Tip 5: Forum Discussion

There are many ways to increase your backlinks on the internet but Forum Discussion is the terrific way to create backlinks, and you will also drive a huge traffic on your blog. In Forums, you should build your reputation by giving the answers to questions and create new threads first.

And don’t forget that you must add your blog in your profile signature, but I suggest you that you will give right answers to some threads or create unique threads otherwise forum will block you. I have mentioned some famous forum below-
  • Warrior Forums                                (SEO Forum)
  • Digital Point Forums
  • Sitepoint Forums


Thank you for visiting my blog. This each is the best way to increase your high-quality backlink. You will use these ways on your blog and then you will generate huge traffic and increase your backlinks. You can check your backlinks by Ahrefs backlink checker. 

If you have any article about SEO, blogger and WordPress then send us. If you have any trouble by applying these ways, then comment blow. If you like this post so share this post with your friends.

Aug 29, 2016

Tips For New Bloggers: 5 Most Important Things For A Successful Blog

blogger tips for beginners

Blogging is very popular today, and many peoples are blogger daily, and it is a good option to make money on the internet by a successful blog. 
If you want to be a successful blogger so you remember long factor list of what you should do and what not? A good blogger never writes for the search engine or other affiliated sites but writes for our audience. 

You should know your audience. There are various things that a Blogger should remember in his mind while Blogging. We have listed below some blogger tips that helpful for you if you are new in blogging.

Patience is Virtue To Blogging

Patience is the main point of blogging if you don’t have Patience then blogging is not for you. Many Blogger fails because of this reason. They think that he is making a lot in one day, but you cannot expect results overnight. Fist You will target your audience and give some time to your blog. 

For example, you are adding AdSense in starting, cannot earn much money, but if you sometimes wait till you make a right audience and drive quality traffic to your blog then your earning will be quite better.

Update Your Blog Regularly

You must update your blog regularly. If you do not care for posting then cannot get more readers to read your blog. You should update your blog minimum two times in a day with interesting topic posts as well as you will get profit at this point.

Popularize your post on Social Network

You must Share your site and post on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon are one of best sites where you can popularize your posts.

According to Brian Dean: Social Network is the primary ranking factor 2016, and it also affects your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). You can get much traffic through it if you do not neglect this point so build your popularity on social media. You can also try to Social Media Marketing Service like Facebook Advert.

SEO is a significant factor

If you are new in blogging then you must know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Your blog is like none without SEO. I think almost all websites or blogs use SEO to get lots of organic traffic through Search Engine. 

Key elements of SEO are Meta Title, Meta Description. If you are getting less traffic on search engines, its mean your SERP is not better but you can be your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) better through SEO and better ranking means maximum traffic!

Don't Copy and Paste

We've seen that many new bloggers are copying post from other blogs and as it is posting on his blog but it's wrong. You don’t use copying and pasting technique for your blog because Google and other search engine notice our blog activity if Google got copy content it will punish you. 
Copying content is poison for the new blog, so you should steer clear of that. If you do this. You will remove those posts immediately. 

In case you like any post, and you want that Plagiarism has stopped and never followed then you would rewrite it in your words and give proper credit to the main writer.
Thank You for reading my blog, I think so this post will helpful for your blog get a lot more traffic and also recommend it to your friends. Cheers!
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