Aug 29, 2016

Tips For New Bloggers: 5 Most Important Things For A Successful Blog

blogger tips for beginners

Blogging is very popular today, and many peoples are blogger daily, and it is a good option to make money on the internet by a successful blog. 
If you want to be a successful blogger so you remember long factor list of what you should do and what not? A good blogger never writes for the search engine or other affiliated sites but writes for our audience. 

You should know your audience. There are various things that a Blogger should remember in his mind while Blogging. We have listed below some blogger tips that helpful for you if you are new in blogging.

Patience is Virtue To Blogging

Patience is the main point of blogging if you don’t have Patience then blogging is not for you. Many Blogger fails because of this reason. They think that he is making a lot in one day, but you cannot expect results overnight. Fist You will target your audience and give some time to your blog. 

For example, you are adding AdSense in starting, cannot earn much money, but if you sometimes wait till you make a right audience and drive quality traffic to your blog then your earning will be quite better.

Update Your Blog Regularly

You must update your blog regularly. If you do not care for posting then cannot get more readers to read your blog. You should update your blog minimum two times in a day with interesting topic posts as well as you will get profit at this point.

Popularize your post on Social Network

You must Share your site and post on social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon are one of best sites where you can popularize your posts.

According to Brian Dean: Social Network is the primary ranking factor 2016, and it also affects your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). You can get much traffic through it if you do not neglect this point so build your popularity on social media. You can also try to Social Media Marketing Service like Facebook Advert.

SEO is a significant factor

If you are new in blogging then you must know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Your blog is like none without SEO. I think almost all websites or blogs use SEO to get lots of organic traffic through Search Engine. 

Key elements of SEO are Meta Title, Meta Description. If you are getting less traffic on search engines, its mean your SERP is not better but you can be your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) better through SEO and better ranking means maximum traffic!

Don't Copy and Paste

We've seen that many new bloggers are copying post from other blogs and as it is posting on his blog but it's wrong. You don’t use copying and pasting technique for your blog because Google and other search engine notice our blog activity if Google got copy content it will punish you. 
Copying content is poison for the new blog, so you should steer clear of that. If you do this. You will remove those posts immediately. 

In case you like any post, and you want that Plagiarism has stopped and never followed then you would rewrite it in your words and give proper credit to the main writer.
Thank You for reading my blog, I think so this post will helpful for your blog get a lot more traffic and also recommend it to your friends. Cheers!

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