Aug 31, 2016

5 Best Quality Backlink Strategy To Get 1000+ Daily Visits

SEO is the important factor for your blogs and websites. If you are want to start a blog, so you must know about SEO. There is three main factor of SEO for changing your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)-
1. Content is King
2. Ideal Meta Tags
3. Quality Backlinks

The backlink is one of the important factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I think all bloggers want to build quality backlinks for changing their search engine ranking. But new blogger does not about link building, and they are mistakenly created poor quality links. 

Today I will share five real ways to built quality backlinks for the blog fast. If your blog has good quality backlinks, so Google and other search engine attract your blog, and your keywords will reach their best positions, then you will get lots of organic traffic. 

Will improve your blog PR and Alexa rank because these both depend on quality backlinks. Main thinks are that if you want to increase backlink of your blog so read these real quality backlink techniques.

#Tip 1. Blog Commenting is best

Blog Commenting is the most popular way to create quality backlinks. It's so simple you are commenting on other sites. Many bloggers don't know about this technique, and many bloggers know about this, but they don’t know to the way to comment in right blogs to boost backlinks and PR.

Most of the bloggers don't comment on the right blog which they got profit. You always remember that comments only high PR and Good DA &PA blogs. You can check DA and PA from MozBar. But Be sure that you don't post spam comments on other blogs because it will harm your blog and drop your search engine ranking.

I suggest that you publish ten comments daily on high PR sites and weekly check your backlink that your blogs backlinks have increased or not.

#Tip 2. Guest Posting

If you want to get real 100% pure backlinks, so guest posting is the excellent choice for your blog. It is another best method to create backlinks for your blogs.

Many Bloggers know about guest posting but don't use it because many bloggers do not publish their post on other sites. This is quite difficult to write a post for another blog, but it's profitable to both blog owner and author.

Blog’s owner will get free niche content article, and author will get the free do-follow backlinks on high PR blog, you always remember that when you are submitting your guest post in guest posting blog, you must add your blog link in the article and author bio. 

We have written down some blogs which accept guest posting-

#Tip 3. Use Social Media Sites

Social Media is the most important and easy way to drive massive traffic to your blog, and you will also get high-quality backlinks from social media sites. Social media has placed in the first position in , and I think that today’s almost everyone in the plant uses social media sites. 

You will use these sites to share your awesome blog posts and generate traffic and quality backlinks. You must create your official facebook, twitter, and Google plus page and share you all blog post with your pages and you can also share group and communities that you have already joined. 

You will add social media button on your blog and add social sharing button on your blog posts that your visitor directly shares your post. You should increase your facebook likes and twitter follower so you will find related topic post in my blog.

Here are some most popular and biggest active users social media sites-
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
Also, see it
  • StubleUpone
  • Delicious
  • Reddit

#Tip 4: Directory Submission

Directory submission is very old and popular method to get the backlinks for your blog. You will use free blog directory. Many free blog directories are available on the internet. You must submit your blog in these directories. 

Some blog directories ask to submit referral link of your blog and place gave code on that page. Free blog directories take a time to approve your submission and after approval, your blog will get free backlink

Note: You only use High PR blog directories and don't submit many times same link on the same directory site.

#Tip 5: Forum Discussion

There are many ways to increase your backlinks on the internet but Forum Discussion is the terrific way to create backlinks, and you will also drive a huge traffic on your blog. In Forums, you should build your reputation by giving the answers to questions and create new threads first.

And don’t forget that you must add your blog in your profile signature, but I suggest you that you will give right answers to some threads or create unique threads otherwise forum will block you. I have mentioned some famous forum below-
  • Warrior Forums                                (SEO Forum)
  • Digital Point Forums
  • Sitepoint Forums


Thank you for visiting my blog. This each is the best way to increase your high-quality backlink. You will use these ways on your blog and then you will generate huge traffic and increase your backlinks. You can check your backlinks by Ahrefs backlink checker. 

If you have any article about SEO, blogger and WordPress then send us. If you have any trouble by applying these ways, then comment blow. If you like this post so share this post with your friends.

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