Sep 24, 2016

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools 2016 [Updated]

One of the important things for your blog and website is the sitemap. Most of us don’t know about this especially new bloggers so I explain this, the sitemap is a bundle of your whole website's URLs. You must submit a sitemap to search engines.
Sitemap helps the search engines to fast index your post and pages. You will increase organic traffic (visits from Search engines) and Google ranking quickly after submitting your sitemap to Search Engines. Many bloggers want to generate organic traffic to increasing Google PR of their blog.
Most of all new bloggers use for blogging even I also used blogger, but some bloggers don't know that how to submit blogger sitemap to search engines. So I preferred the way to submit your sitemap to search engines if you want to increase your ranking and traffic on Google, so you need to submit Blogspot sitemap to google webmaster tools.
Google webmaster is one of the best SEO tools for the webmaster of blogs and website. You can check indexing status and optimize visibility and helps alert you about issues of your blog. Webmaster tool prof very impactful for your site.
You must submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tool so follow these instructions -

How to Submit Blogspot Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Fist sign-in to your blogger  account
  • Choose Setting menu and click Search Preferences

  • Click Google Search Console by using same email ID so Google will automatically verify your blog on GWT.
In case,  your blog does not verify on webmaster tool or you are using different email ID to blogger then following these steps:
  • Copy the entire code
  • Login your blogger account, click to SETTING then select the Search Preferences menu.
  • Enable the custom roobts.txt content and paste the code then click Save Changes.
  • Login webmaster tool, Enter your blog URL and click Add.

  • Now you can see your dashboard and click on Sitemaps section.
  • And then you click on Add/Test Sitemap button and paste your XML sitemap URL in the text field. (Do not add your site in this code)
  • Now you hit Submit Sitemap button.
  • After that click on refresh the page link.
That’s all; you have successfully submitted your blogger sitemap. But this sitemap is only for 500 posts if you have more than 500 posts, so you need to change the value of max-result like 1000.
I hope that this article is helpful for Blogspot blogger. Your blog will boost our organic traffic and page rank by submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google webmaster tools. It is important to behalf of SEO. Thank you for visiting DigiEpic. If you have any question related webmaster so comment below, I will respond you soon. If you love this content, then share with your friends.

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