Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization Services – Canada – Toronto – Ontario

Nowadays people are using voice search extensively on mobile devices. It estimates that more than 420 million voice assistants have been sold.

 It is crucial for business owners to implement Voice Search Optimization for their large and local small businesses these days. People frequently prefer to use voice search while driving to ask questions regarding business location, store hours, store products, etc.

What we offer in our service:
    • Optimize your existing and new website content for voice search.
    • Earn your business website with a featured snippet or position zero spot in the Google search results to increase your customer engagement.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing Agency Canada – Toronto – Ontario

Content plays a vital role to generate customer’s interest in your business. If the content you choose doesn’t resonate with your target market or not distributed on the right platform, the customers will go elsewhere that meets their needs.

Our creative and passionate team strives not only to compose great content but also make data-driven decisions to gather customer insights for your business to move forward in the right direction and build your brand.

The content can include videos, blog posts, infographics, and more, providing value to users. Our team creates original and high-quality content that makes users want to share it with their friends, families, colleagues and other people in their social network.

Content marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing. It has also been observed that more than 60% of users prefer companies that create content and provide them with the latest updates.

What you get with our content writing service…
  • Full site content audit
  • Branded SEO content to drive search traffic to your site
  • Ad-hoc writing: brochures, product descriptions, press releases and more
  • Monthly interactions with our team to discuss results and plan for upcoming months

Great content is what our content marketing team is all about.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a major key part of online marketing because search is one of the primary ways that users discover content and navigate the web. For most websites, traffic that comes from search engines (mostly known as “natural” or “organic” traffic) accounts for a large portion of their total traffic. We will improve your site’s search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) to make your company’s website more discoverable by leveraging various SEO techniques and tools.

If you’re an artist, for example, you may use SEO to increase your ranking in search results for the keyword, “theme art design,” and, “common Disney arts.” While these keywords have a different purpose, one transactional and other informational, they target your audience.

For a most typical search query, the first result will receive 40-60% of the total traffic for that search query, with the second and third results receiving significantly less traffic. Only 2-3% of searchers click beyond the first page of search engine results. Thus, even a small improvement in search engine rankings can result in a website receiving more traffic and potential business.

video marketing services canada
Video Marketing

Commercial Video Production and Marketing Services – Canada – Toronto – Ontario

At Digiepic, we believe video has the power to humanize your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more. It’s not just about having one good animated Explainer video on your homepage. Video, like any marketing effort, is an ongoing strategy.

Adults invest more than 8 hours a day for seeing videos. Brand recognition increases by almost 140 percent after a user watches a video. The video can be a simple product display or behind the scenes of what goes into making a product. In today’s scenario, using videos in email marketing and Content marketing can prove greatly beneficial.

What we offer in our Video Marketing Services Canada:
  • Promoting Items/Services
  • Improved Transformation Rate
  • Increase in Mass Queries and Involvements
  • Attaining Targeted Viewers in Less Time


Web & App Design and Development

Web & Mobile App Design and Development Company Canada -Toronto – Ontario

We don’t just build a website and let it go, we will constantly adapt and evolve with your website overtime to ensure that your assets are protected and performing.

As a mobile app development company, we can craft engaging mobile apps that can place you in an extreme business mobilizing ecosystem that results in high business automation and a stand-alone position in the vertical.

Hire us for website and mobile app development services that give you global business merchandising, universal engagement with highly interactive mobile applications.

What you get from web & mobile app development:
  • World-class user experience design
  • Continuous client support
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Creative Direction


Digital Marketing