Social Media Marketing Agency Canada – Toronto – Ontario

Our team of designers, strategists, researchers, and copywriters come together to create appealing and click-worthy social media experiences for your brand. Social Media Marketing(SEM) focuses on developing brand awareness and winning new customers as well as engaging with existing clients.

At Digiepic, we will create strategies for your team that will help you focus on where your competitors stand, boost your customer service experience, increase your brand awareness and primarily, generate new customers.

More than 65 percent of consumers use social media for customer services and nearly 70% of the shoppers use social media while making buying decisions.

In this rapidly changing technology era, businesses must mandatorily engage themselves on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Social media is an asset for sharing the digital word of mouth recommendations. We will help you stay ahead with the latest marketing trends.

What you get from our Social Media Marketing Service:

● Online advertising/marketing strategies
● Customer insights for your business
● Timelines for implementation
● Campaign Optimization and maintenance
● Monthly interactions to discuss results and activities of your service

Digiepic aspires to think outside the box and turn your social media marketing for significant growth and Return On Investment(ROI) for your business, whilst building greater levels of brand awareness and customer engagement.

Our team of experts creates distinguished marketing strategies that will appeal to Younger tech-savvy customers(Gen Z) today to get your customer success stories in a snap, high user engagement, and conversion rates.

We strive hard to understand your vision and humanize your brand by sharing your ideas and thoughts with your customers as well as create communities to make a difference.

We certainly live to our tagline ‘Better Ideas, Better brands’.